Bar marking

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Bar marking

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Bar marking
Machine | Design

The endless bar marking machine is used for the economical and fast endless stamping of bar material before the actual processing of the production order on the CNC processing machine. Each component then leaves the production line marked.

This means that the quality of the material batch can be traced throughout the entire service life of the product by means of a product- or company-related marking.


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Marking in seconds

Bar marking
machine | function

The marking process of the bar marking machine is similar to roller embossing. The bars to be marked are pulled through the machine via an engraving wheel, and at the same time the characters to be applied are embossed.

Frequently asked questions


The throughput speed is 16.5 m/min.

The material passage is 1-70 mm.

It can be labelled on one or both sides.

The engraving wheels are individually manufactured, so company logos can also be marked.

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You are not sure whether a corresponding marking is suitable for your component?
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