Laser inscriptions

Industrial laser inscriptions | Professional laser engraving & occasion marking as a service ✓

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Laser inscriptions

The right process for every material

Technical overview

At Saurer, we have been involved for decades in the laser marking of components, measuring equipment and much more. Our wide range of marking lasers enables us to mark a wide variety of materials and component geometries:

Rather invest in your own know-how and leave the marking process to us!

Lasermarkierung Einsatzgebiete
Lohnbeschriftung vs. Kauf
If it's time sensitive, even overnight!

Laser inscriptions

Using the extended workbench in the inscription area is quick, easy & uncomplicated. It only takes a few days from the first sample part to the series labelling of your components.
You receive the ready-marked parts and don’t have to worry about the process. And if time is tight again, we will mark for you in three shifts.

Laser inscriptions | Stress-free and worry-free!

Fast processing from small to large series

Over 30 years of marking experience

Free technical advice at any time

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The right process for every material

Marking process

Different laser sources can be used for different marking processes. These include, for example, annealing, engraving or even colouring. Depending on the application, the different processes offer different advantages. Thanks to our large equipment, we can offer you almost all laser marking processes.

Laserbeschriftung Einsatzgebiete
2D Codes auslesen
Marking & Identification as an external service

DataMatrix | Laser inscriptions

Marking by means of 2D codes is becoming increasingly important. A lot of information can be linked without taking up much space on your component. We have been involved with this topic from the very beginning and can therefore not only provide you with the marking of such a code, but also the corresponding grading and verification. 

Frequently asked questions


We are very happy to create sample lettering on your components in advance! For small quantities, sample inscription is even free of charge.

The maximum lettering size is 240 x 240 mm. 

The maximum component height should not exceed 300 mm. 

Some plastics can be marked with our lasers. However, this must be tested. 

No! We already label for you from batch size 1!

Other marking systems

You are not sure whether a corresponding marking is suitable for your component?
Then use our free sample labelling service. We will create the desired marking directly on your components!

Identification systems
Nadelpräger Lohnbeschriftung
Dot peen marker inscriptions
Laser marking systems