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Permanent marking of metals, plastics & wood products without responsibility! Concentrate on your core competence we take over the marking process.

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Saurer MarkingSolutions offers you inscriptions as a cost-effective alternative to your own marking device! We have been dealing with permanent marking technology for over 30 years and thus have the required know-how to mark your components quickly & with high quality.

Inscriptions | Process

With our variety of laser marking systems, we can offer you a wide range of laser marking processes. We can mark metals as well as plastics captive.
Whether simple texts, serial numbers or complex DataMatrix markings with subsequent reading – no problem for us!
We will be happy to advise you on the most suitable process.

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Our large dot peen marker machine park allows us to offer you a wide variety of markings. We can mark both small and large components, mobile or stationary, fine or deep. Simple texts, sheet markings or DataMatrix markings, through our years of experience, your components will always be subcontracted cleanly & to a high quality.

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Inscriptions | Advantages

Placing the permanent marking of your components in the hands of specialized personnel has many advantages. Especially for small or medium series, it is often not worth investing in your own marking system. But inscriptions can also be an attractive alternative for large series. Concentrate on your core competencies and hand over the responsibility of permanent marking completely!

For almost any component

Inscriptions | Application

Laser DataMatrix


Since we offer laser and dot peen marker inscriptions, we can mark almost any material. Permanent marking of a wide variety of metals or plastics are among the standard applications. But also the marking of wood products is possible without any problems.



The marking of a wide variety of geometries is possible with laser inscriptions as well as with dot peen marker inscriptions. Since our systems are equipped with high-quality accessories, not only flat but also cylindrical components can be marked without any problems.

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Frequently asked questions


We are very happy to create sample markings on your components in advance! For small quantities, the sample inscription is even free of charge.

The maximum marking size depends on the marking method. In the case of laser inscriptions, the maximum marking size is usually 240 x 240 mm. With dot peen marking, the maximum marking size is 100 x 100 mm.

The maximum component height should not exceed 300 mm. 

Plastics can be marked with the laser as well as with the dot peen marker.

No! We already label for you from batch size 1!

Other marking systems

You are not sure whether a corresponding marking is suitable for your component?
Then use our free sample labelling service. We will create the desired marking directly on your components!

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Laser marking systems
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