Marking devices

Marking devices for permanent electrolytic marking ✓

Elektrolytisches Signiergerät
Cost-effective alternative to a laser system

Marking devices

Captive marking for small investment!

Elektrolytische Kennzeichnung - SIG
Quality from Germany

We have been involved in permanent industrial marking for over 30 years. All components of the electrolytic marking process are manufactured by us in Germany and are therefore subject to the strictest quality requirements. You receive a robust marking device which is designed for many years of carefree use in production facilities. Our marking devices are a cost-effective and fast alternative to a laser system. The marking is just as high quality and permanent, but you mark many times faster and cheaper!

From the individual part to series labelling

Marking devices |
Initial equipment

Due to our large selection of marking devices, they can be used for individual part marking as well as in series production. We always supply you with the right initial equipment for your specific application! Simple texts but also serial numbers, logos or 2D codes can be marked quickly and easily. 

S1 Erstausrüstung
Elektrolytische Beschriftung großflächig
Time is money - mark in 1-3 seconds!

marking devices

With our powerful marking devices, small, but especially larger markings can be applied in a flash. The time saving compared to laser marking is enormous, as the marking is done by simply & quickly stroking with the stamp. But not only the marking itself, also the set-up is much faster because you do not have to determine the X/Y position and the focus first.

The right device for every application

Model comparison

Signiergeräte Modellvergleich Tabelle

Marking deviceSignum ECOSignum S1Signum MK1Signum MK2
MaterialsSteelsAlmost all electrically conductive materials
Expandableto the semi-automaticincl. Siemens S7

Quality made in Germany
For over 30 years

Free technical advice at any time

Fast support
within 24 hours

Personal contact person in the company

Applicable for almost any geometry

Marking devices | Application areas

With the power settings of 12 -24 volts, electrically conductive materials can be electrolytically marked at lightning speed and with high quality. Your components, measuring equipment, tools, prototypes or similar can be provided with both dark and light marking. Thanks to our in-house accessory production, we can always supply you with the appropriate marking liquids or stamps. Thus, flat, round as well as concave or convex surfaces can be marked.

One marking device – numerous applications

Elektrolytische Beschriftung Einsatzgebiete
Elektrolytische Beschriftung Zubehör
Coordinated accessories - everything from a single source

Accessories |
Marking devices

In addition to the marking device, you need various accessories for electrolytic marking, such as electrolyte, Neutralyt, stencils or stencil printers.

For some marking devices such as the S1, MK1 or MK2, there are various extensions to turn the devices into semi-automatic machines.

Frequently asked questions


We would be happy to present our marking devices to you in person or create free sample markings for you.

The electrolytes we use are in no way toxic. They are a specially developed salt solution.

For electrolytic marking you need the marking device, a carbon stamp, felt, electrolyte, Neutralyt and a short & or long term stencil. You receive the required accessories directly with our original equipment!

The delivery time is usually 5-7 working days.

Other marking systems

You are not sure whether a corresponding marking is suitable for your component?
Then use our free sample labelling service. We will create the desired marking directly on your components!

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Marking technology accessories
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Marking technology
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