Patmark Plus

Flexible dot peen marker for metals, plastics & wood ✓
80 x 20 mm lettering field

Patmark plus
Compact & flexible with large marking field

Patmark plus

Patmark plus the ultimate in mobile dot peen markers ✓

Patmark plus | the Allrounder

Patmark alphanumerische Zeichen

Alphanumeric characters

Patmark 2D Code

DataMatrix & QR Code

Patmark TÜV Stempel

Stamps or company logos

Patmark fein bis tief

Flexible marking depth

Patmark flach und rund

Flat & cylindrical components

Patmark 3 Schritte
Mobility & functionality meet innovation & design

The Patmark plus dot peen marker is the largest model in the PATMARK series and impresses with its large marking field combined with maximum handiness and flexibility. Thanks to the compact and high-quality design, you can reach almost any place and apply even longer texts effortlessly and captively.

The extremely simply designed app helps you to complete both simple and more complex markings in no time at all.

A lightweight

Design | Patmark plus

Our Patmark plus scores with its extreme handiness and large marking field at the same time. At just 3.5 kg, it fits easily in the hand and is a popular everyday companion in your production or workshop. With the large marking field of 80 x 20 mm, even long markings can be made on immovable parts in the factory or outdoors.

100% flexibility with large capacity at the same time | Patmark plus ✓

Patmark plus
The right device for every application

Model comparison

Patmark mini
Patmark mini
Patmark plus
Patmark plus

Fast support
within 24 hours

Over 30 years of marking experience

Free technical advice at any time

Personal contact person in the company

Nadepräger Einsatzgebiete
One unit for a wide range of applications

Patmark plus | Application areas

Our Patmark plus is suitable for almost any material due to its high quality workmanship! Fine and deep markings can be made with the help of the marking parameters and the marking needle made of first-class solid carbide. Hard or soft, lacquered or coated surfaces – our Patmark plus is optimally prepared for the various applications.

Permanent and captive | 100% traceability!


Even the large marking area of the Patmark plus will not prevent you from marking a wide variety of geometries! The contact surface is designed so that you can mark flat but also cylindrical surfaces easily and quickly. The compact marking head allows you to mark even inaccessible places.

From small to large, from flat to round | Patmark plus the all-rounder!

Nadelpräger Einsatzgebiete
Patmark Bedienung
Clever & simple - ultra-fast marking

Operation | Patmark plus

The strikingly simple operation of the Patmark plus speaks for itself.
You don’t need any instruction or training to operate the free smartphone app, and you don’t need any previous knowledge of marking technology at all. You will be marking simple texts, elaborate serial numbers or high-quality company logos within a few minutes, and it’s super easy!
In just 3 steps, the app guides you from setting the marking parameters to permanently marking your components.

Patmark plus | Industrial marking even easier!

Attachments and marking aids

Accessories | Patmark Plus

The innovative accessories for the Patmark plus make some marking tasks easier in your everyday work. Thanks to the magnetic spacer, the hand-held tool can also apply excellent markings without manual fixing!
Furthermore, even the smallest components can be marked stationary with the help of the height-adjustable column and cylindrical components can be optimally centred with the V-attachment. The marking legs enable the marking of components with interfering contours.

Frequently asked questions


We would be happy to present the Patmark series at your premises or send you a test unit free of charge.

Due to the compact design, the dot peen markers of the Patmark series are very flexible in use and score with the high marking quality

The free app for Android or iOS and the free Windows software are available for programming.

The delivery time is usually 1-5 working days.

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