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CNC engraving

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CNC scribe marker
CNC Ritzmarkierer
CNC marker pneumatic
CNC Marker
Embossing rollers

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CNC scribe marker

Our CNC scribers are compact marking tools which can be used directly in the CNC milling or turning machine or in machining centres. Our CNC scribers mark your components ultra fast, so that your CNC machine is quickly ready for other production tasks.

By using them in the tool changer, there is no additional set-up time and no extra work step for marking your components. Whether texts, logos or 2D codes, with the high-performance marking needle you get a unique typeface with low tool wear!

CNC Marker
Process-safe marking

CNC Marker | Pneumatic

The pneumatic CNC marker is a needle embossing tool that can be used directly in the CNC milling or turning machine or in machining centres. The marking tool is used quickly & easily via the tool changer and programming is done via the engraving cycle.

With our CNC marker you can mark your components ultra fast with a feed rate of up to 4800 mm / min! Mark texts, logos and also 2D codes in a unique marking quality. By using our high-performance embossing needle, the tool wear is particularly low compared to a graver!

Labelling in seconds

Embossing rollers

Our marking rollers are marking tools which can be used directly in all conventional milling and CNC turning centres. The marking tool is used quickly & easily via the tool changer. The segments are created according to customer requirements and are quickly exchanged. 

With our embossing rollers, you can mark your components in seconds and thus considerably reduce the unit costs in contrast to external marking. The use of embossing rollers is ideal for large production quantities.

Prägerollen Muster
CNC Marker Muster

CNC marker |
Application areas

With our CNC marking tools, a wide variety of metals can be captively marked. Even hardened materials up to 62 HRC can be marked without any problems thanks to the high-quality solid carbide needle or the robust marking segments! Both fine and deep markings can be realised & without high tool wear.

Frequently asked questions


As material is machined during milling, the milling cutter is subject to relatively high wear, while the solid carbide marking needle only causes an impact from above. This also has the advantage that there is no notch impact on the workpiece. The surface is compacted.

Engraving cycle on the machine, compressed air supply through the spindle or laterally 3-5 bar, tool holder DM 20 mm.

Engraving cycle on the machine, tool holder DM 12 / 20 mm.

The delivery time is usually 7 working days.

From hand engraving to CNC engraving

Engraving technology existed before industrialisation and the mechanisation of handicrafts and refers to the metal-cutting process in which materials and objects are decorated or inscribed by an engraving tool. Formerly, it was an exclusively handicraft process. The tools used for engraving were fixed and not rotating. The carving tool consisted of a fixed diamond that was used to carve the surface of materials. Hand engraving is also a classical engraving technique. This involves engraving with a usually slightly curved tool with a wooden handle and a sharp blade. More modern fixed engraving techniques are electric engraving, where the engraving is done by burning the material with a running current, and laser engraving, where a very hot laser beam vaporises the material. After industrialisation, engraving became possible with rotating tools that take minimal chips out of the material. Nowadays, CNC machines in particular are used for engraving and marking. CNC is the abbreviation for Computerised Numerical Control, which means that a computer can be programmed with the engraving job through CAD/CAM software. Compared to hand engraving, this allows more precise, complex and multi-dimensional shapes to be engraved. Computer-controlled engraving is also faster and many more errors are avoided. This is particularly suitable for series production. CNC engraving does not need to be continuously supervised, which increases productivity by allowing other tasks to be carried out during the process. CNC engraving tools today enable professional and safe engraving through universal and versatile machines that are durable with the right accessories. Regardless of the material on which CNC engraving is done, the marking is tamper-proof and can be seen in the long term. Depending on the materials and ink layers used, optical aspects can also be achieved with CNC engraving.

What do I have to pay attention to when CNC engraving?

To ensure safe and clean engraving, certain aspects must be taken into account when CNC engraving. The choice of tool depends on the desired speed, accuracy and engraving depth. Depending on the engraving technology, there are different degrees of precision for CNC engraving. These must be adapted to the area of application. Although some materials can be CNC engraved, it must be checked whether the desired material can be marked with CNC engraving. The angle of the engraving tool can also be crucial for precise engraving. Proper maintenance, cleaning and cooling is also required to ensure durable CNC engraving.

Other marking systems

You are not sure whether a corresponding marking is suitable for your component?
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Laser marking systems
Nadelpräger Lohnbeschriftung
Dot peen markers