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Identification systems

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Identification systems for DPMI

DPMI – Direct Part Mark Identification
The physical marking and subsequent identification of components allows them to be tracked specifically throughout their life cycle. This is already helpful in the production of the components. For example, questions about their availability or quality characteristics can be answered. Markings on the component make information or properties quickly comprehensible to everyone.  Due to the constantly growing information density of the markings to be applied, the DataMatrix code is sometimes the only way to apply the desired information.

For more than 20 years, many industries have been using automatic product identification through two-dimensional codes. The data provided by product tracking is important for anyone who manufactures, stores or moves parts along the supply chain. With DPMI – Direct Part Mark Identification, parts can be tracked and identified beyond the factory gates, throughout their life cycle.

The advantages here include the greatest density of information in the smallest space and better error correction. This means that with a data matrix code, parts of the code can be destroyed, but the readability is still guaranteed.

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100 % traceability | Mobile & Stationary

2D Code
Identification Systems

Both mobile and stationary identification systems can be used to recognise directly marked DataMatrix/QR codes. At Saurer, we work with well-known camera manufacturers so that we can always offer you the right hand-held scanner or the right reading station for your application.

Get a complete solution from us that offers perfectly coordinated marking & identification equipment!

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2D Codes Verification

DataMatrix codes can not only be read but also verified by the identification systems. With simple reading, only the text hidden in the code is read out as plain text. When verifying, additional quality features are output. This allows you to recognise in time if your code does not correspond to the desired quality. This reduces the costs associated with unreadable codes!

Identification methods


When reading a directly marked code (DataMartrix or QR Code), the corresponding code is decoded in plain text. This can be done with both mobile and stationary 2D code scanners or camera systems.


When grading a directly marked code, software evaluates the quality of the two-dimensional code. The content is decoded as plain text and at the same time a quality assessment of the code is given. The grading of a code can only be done with the appropriate software and camera.


When verifying a two-dimensional code, the marking quality is examined according to the German or international standard specifications. The verification of a code can only be carried out with selected stationary camera systems. 

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Identification systems

Our handheld scanners or readout stations can be used for dot peen marked, electrolytically marked or laser marked codes. Thanks to years of accumulated know-how and cooperation with well-known camera manufacturers, even difficult directly marked codes can be read out. Whether your DataMatrix code has been marked on a flat, cylindrical, shiny or matt component – we will find the right identification system for your application!

2D Code Einsatzgebiete
Flawless markings

Dino-Lite Microscopes

Especially in the case of markings that are captively applied to your component, it makes sense to check the marking before the start of production. The Dino-Lite microscopes are ideal for this purpose. They can magnify the applied marking up to 900 times and can then make appropriate changes to the marking. 

Frequently asked questions


Directly marked codes or plain text of all types can be read. Laser-inscribed, dot peen marked or electrolytically inscribed marking are possible.

Many direct markings can also be read without additional lighting. However, the lighting conditions play a decisive role. 

A DataMatrix can contain up to 2335 and a QR Code up to 4296 alphanumeric characters. The QR code is larger, however, so it takes up about 20% more space for the same information.

Our wide range of products enables us to supply scanners for both one-dimensional codes (barcodes) and two-dimensional codes (DataMatrix & QR). 

Other marking systems

You are not sure whether a corresponding marking is suitable for your component?
Then use our free sample labelling service. We will create the desired marking directly on your components!

Elektrolytische Signiertechnik
Marking technology
Laser marking systems
Nadelpräger Lohnbeschriftung
Dot peen markers