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Dot peen marker

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Technical overview

Saurer MarkingSolutions has been involved in the permanent marking process of dot peen marking for over 20 years. Due to our large selection of mobile as well as stationary dot peen markers, we can offer you dot peen marker inscriptions of a wide range of materials and geometries:

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Dot peen marker

Permanent labelling is often required by end customers and presents a challenge to producers. We are happy to help you manage the marking process quickly, easily & uncomplicatedly! It only takes a few days from the first sample part to the inscription of your components. The marking process is conveniently outsourced and is worry-free for you. For time-critical components, we also mark overnight!

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Marking process

In dot peen marking, a high-quality solid carbide needle is driven into the material. Electrical or pneumatic impulses are used to strike individual dots onto the surface, creating a dot or line font. This typeface can of course be individually adapted in size and depth of impact. With our large selection of dot peen markers, we offer both fine and deep markings.

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The geometry of your parts plays an important role in dot peen marking. Either the part or the dot peen marker must be fixed manually or stationary. Due to the wide range of dot peen markers in the mobile and stationary range, we can mark almost any geometry for you. We can dot peen mark both flat and cylindrical components radially or axially. Mobile or stationary – we have the right system for your inscriptions!

2D marking & identification simple & fast in the wage!

DataMatrix | dot peen marker

We at Saurer have specialised in the permanent marking and identification of 2D codes and can therefore offer you a comprehensive overall package. Precise & clean marking is essential, especially for dot peen marked 2D codes (DataMatrix or QR Code). Thanks to our extensive equipment of dot peen marking and reading devices, we can not only offer you dot peen marker inscriptions, but also the verification and validation of your code.

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Frequently asked questions


We are very happy to create sample lettering on your components in advance! For small quantities, sample inscriptions is even free of charge.

The maximum lettering size is 100 x 100 mm.

The maximum component height should not exceed 300 mm. 

The dot peen marking process is ideally suited for plastic labelling.

No! We already label for you from batch size 1!

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You are not sure whether a corresponding marking is suitable for your component?
Then use our free sample labelling service. We will create the desired marking directly on your components!

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