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Stationary dot peen markers ► Electric or pneumatic | For integration

Patmark robot
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Markinbox Station
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Patmark Desktop
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Powerline T1

Mobile dot peen marker ► With battery or cable | For integration

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Markinbox mobile
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Patmark Series

Largest selection of dot peen markers

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From paper to hardened steel

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Largest selection of mobile & stationary dot peen markers

Dot peen marker |

Saurer MarkingSolutions offers a uniquely large selection of high-quality dot peen markers for marking a wide range of materials and geometries. Whether mobile or stationary, electric or pneumatic. You are sure to find what you are looking for here!
Free technical advice is a matter of course for us.

dot peen marker | Application

The variable marking of components is carried out by means of a pneumatic/electrical oscillating carbide tip. This is moved over the workpiece in XY coordinates by stepper motors. Depending on the feed movement, the marking appears as a line or as individual dots. This enables the marking of texts and logos, as well as machine-readable codes such as Data Matrix or QR codes.

The dot peen marking process is ideally suited for marking small to large series and for integration into production lines. Various options such as I/Os and Profibus integration are available for this purpose.

The impact strength of the needle can be finely adjusted so that everything from paper to hardened steel can be marked. Since material is compressed at the point of impact when the needle strikes, there is virtually no notch impact effect on the component.

Traceability throughout the entire life cycle!

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Dot peen marker | Advantages

From paper to hardened steel

Dot peen marker | Application areas

Our dot peen markers can be used to mark a wide variety of materials. Soft materials such as cardboard, paper, wood products, aluminium and plastics can be dot peen marked perfectly. With a low impact strength, even coated or lacquered surfaces can be marked without piercing the coating or lacquer.

Due to the detailed adjustment possibilities of our dot peen markers, it is possible to mark thin-walled, pressure-sensitive or safety-relevant components as well as to realise markings up to 1 mm deep. Such a deep dot peen marking enables a subsequent surface treatment (painting, powder coating).
Furthermore, hard materials such as hardened steel up to 62 HRC can also be needle stamped without any problems.

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Thanks to the versatile setting options of our dot peen markers, you can reproduce all the above-mentioned markings with just one system – without any set-up effort.

From paper to hardened steel, anything is possible!

Small, Large, Flat, Cylindrical - The All-Rounders


There are no limits to the geometries of your components. We have the right dot peen marker for every application. For larger components, we offer mobile dot peen markers with rechargeable batteries. For smaller components, stationary systems are usually more suitable. Whether flat, cylindrical, with interfering contours or dot peen marking in a recess, you can create high-quality markings with our dot peen markers.

Due to the automatic height compensation of the marking needle, material unevenness of up to approx. 12 mm can be compensated. Thus, circumferential marking is possible up to a certain degree even without accessories.

The use of an automatic axis enables axial circumferential marking in series production. The wide range of accessories complements the respective product series.

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Frequently asked questions


The individual dot strokes of the marking needle create a deepened braille. The detailed setting of our dot peen markers also makes it possible to produce a high-quality line script.

Our dot peen markers can be adjusted so finely that almost any material can be marked without chipping. However, some lacquered surfaces cannot be marked without chipping.

No, the dot peen marker compresses the material so that no microcracks occur.

The dot peen marking process is approved in almost every industry. Even in the aerospace industry, where laser marking is excluded, dot peen marking is approved.

We would be happy to demonstrate our dot peen markers to you in person, send you a free test device or create free sample inscriptions for you.

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