Powerline T1

Pneumatic dot peen marker for type plate labelling ✓
Labelling field 100 x 180 mm

Powerline T1
Marking on 100 x 180 mm

Powerline T1
dot peen marker

Powerline T1 dot peen marker ideal for your type plates!

For type plates of all kinds

Powerline T1 | Design

The unique design of the Powerline T1 dot peen marker makes it the ideal type plate marking system. With the marking field of 100 x 180 mm, most type plates can be marked. The view of the plate is not disturbed by a large housing, as is the case with other dot peen markers. You have a full view of the type plate, which makes setting up the marking job much easier. The integrated vacuum clamping plate ensures optimum fixing of your type plate. If required, our designers can also offer you special feeders for the type plate system.

Powerline T1
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Materials & Geometries

Application areas | Powerline T1

The Powerline T1 dot peen marker can be used for many different materials. Most type plates are made of steel or aluminium, but the T1 is also ideal for plastics or other metals. The high-quality solid carbide needle ensures that your type plates are marked to an extremely high standard. The control of the individual needle strokes ensures a unique typeface.

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Operation | Powerline T1

The Powerline T1 dot peen marker is programmed using free Windows software. This was specially developed for type plate marking.
A unique image function allows you to position the different fields of the type plate without time-consuming X/Y programming.

Enter a picture of your type plate – fill in the marking fields by eye – done!

Powerline T1
Frequently asked questions


We would be happy to present the Powerline series at your premises or create free sample lettering on your components.

The robust design and the use of high-quality materials clearly set the Powerline series apart from other dot peen markers. The unique design gives you the best view of the type plate. This facilitates the set-up enormously.

The Windows software included in the scope of delivery is available for programming.

The delivery time is approx. 1-2 working weeks.

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