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Mobile & stationary dot peen marking of metals, plastics & wood ✓
Lettering fields 33 x 15 | 80 x 20 mm 

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Compact & flexible with unique marking quality

MarkinBox Mobile

You too can benefit from the quality and flexibility of the MarkinBOX for years to come!

Marking on 33 x 15 or 80 x 20 mm

MarkinBox Mobile | Quality

The MarkinBOX Mobil is characterised above all by its small size and weight, as well as the detailed setting options! With the marking field of 33 x 15 mm or optionally 80 x 20 mm, the dot peen marker is suitable for marking tasks of all kinds.

Thanks to the use of first-class materials and automated production processes, the MarkinBOX is extremely durable and can be used without any problems for individual parts or series marking, and all this for a low investment.

MarkinBOX l
Unique design - more compact than ever before

MarkinBox Mobile | Design

Weighing just 1.5 kg, the marking head of our MarkinBOX 3315S is very compact and handy. This allows easy transport from A to B and mobile use of the dot peen marker.
The 2.5 kg weight of the MarkinBOX 8020S is also easy to hold. With the 3 or 5 metre cable, you can mark permanently in almost any place! The integrated wrist strap of the MarkinBOX Mobile ensures maximum comfort during all your marking tasks.

Probably the lightest dot peen marker in the world | MarkinBOX

ALL-IN-ONE, Mobile & Stationary

MarkinBox Mobile
The all-rounder

If required, the dot peen marker can be used not only mobile but also stationary with the help of a height-adjustable column. The change from mobile to stationary is done in a matter of minutes with just a few hand movements. In this way, even the smallest components can be precisely marked. Conflicts with interfering contours on your components or problems with marking in a recess are now a thing of the past.

The MarkinBOX Mobile becomes your ALL-IN-ONE device!

The right device for every application

Model comparison

MarkinBOX Mobil Modellvergleich
FeatureMarkinBOX Mobil MB3315SMarkinBOX Mobil MB8020SMarkinBOX Station MB1010MarkinBOX Station MB2015
Labelling field33 x 15 mm80 x 20 mm100 x 100 mm200 x 150 mm
Head size116 x 73 x 190 mm173 x 83 x 214 mm200 x 217,5 x 228 mm308 x 269 x 249 mm
Weight1,5 kg Marking head2,1 kg Marking head4,5 kg Marking head
7 kg incl. column
6,3 kg Marking head
10,7 kg incl. column
MaterialsMetals, plastics, wood products, leather
OperationWindows Software
UseMobile or stationaryPrimarily stationary, optionally mobile

Fast support
within 24 hours

Over 30 years of marking experience

Free technical advice at any time

Personal contact person in the company

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For almost any material - the all-rounder

MarkinBox Mobil | Application areas

The MarkinBOX 3315S and the larger model 8020S are versatile. With the help of the fine gradations of impact strength and speed, both fine and deep markings can be reproduced. The high-quality solid carbide needle of the MarkinBOX enables you to make precise, permanent and captive markings on a wide range of materials from soft to hard! Even the marking of lacquered or coated surfaces is possible without any problems and without piercing the respective layer.

Experience marking quality on a new level!


Thanks to the compact design of the MarkinBOX 3315S and MarkinBOX 8020S, not only flat surfaces can be marked. Cylindrical geometries or components with interfering contours can also be marked easily and quickly and captively. Both axial and radial marking on the circumference is no problem for the dot peen marker.
Because the head of the MarkinBOX Mobil is so compact, you can get to almost any place!

From now on, you only need one device to handle all your marking tasks | MarkinBOX!

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MarkinBOX Bedienung
Easy, Fast, Intuitive

MarkinBox Mobil | Operation

The dot peen markers of the MarkinBOX series convince through the very simply designed Windows software with which you can operate the dot peen marker quickly and intuitively. Simple texts as well as company logos or 2D codes can be marked. The preview window allows you to see immediately how the marking will look later and where it is positioned.

The MB2S controller is included in the scope of delivery and has a large number of interfaces. The Windows software requires hardly any training time and no prior knowledge on the part of the employees. 

The software and all functions are of course free of charge for you to use!

Attachments & Options

MarkinBox Mobile | Accessories

Many marking tasks are simplified with the innovative accessories in the MarkinBOX range. With the help of the magnetic spacer, your marking will never be blurred again and will always be highly legible. With the height-adjustable column, even the smallest components can be marked in a stationary position.

Our unique manual rotation axis allows you to mark all around cylindrical components without having to dig deep into your pocket. But of course, the MarkinBOX Mobil can also be equipped with automated rotary axes so that you can also mark cylindrical components effortlessly, precisely and quickly in series production.

Frequently asked questions


We would be happy to present the MarkinBox at your premises or create free sample lettering on your components.

Due to the compact design, the dot peen markers of the MarkinBox series are very flexible in use and score with the high marking quality.

The free Windows software is available for programming.

The delivery time is usually 3-10 working days.

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