Markinbox Station

Stationary dot peen marking of metals, plastics & wood ✓
Lettering fields 100 x 100 | 200 x 150 mm

MarkinBOX Station Modellübersicht
Stationary - reliable - easy

MarkinBOX Station

MarkinBOX Station | Your reliable marking partner ✓

Marking on 100 x 100 or 200 x 150 mm

MarkinBox Station | Quality

The MarkinBOX Station 1010 and Station 2015 dot peen markers are characterised by their exceptional marking and processing quality.
They are ideally suited for larger markings, but can also be excellently integrated into production lines.

In order to provide you with years of carefree marking, we place great emphasis on the use of first-class materials and precision throughout the entire production process when manufacturing the MarkinBOX.
This is reflected in the high marking quality and repeatability.

MarkinBOX Station
Flexible & compact - workbench or production line

MarkinBox Station | Design

The dot peen markers MarkinBOX Station 1010 and 2015 are electrically operated and very compact as well as robustly built.
This allows stationary use at almost any location in your business. The systems require hardly any space and can therefore be used anywhere. Plug in – switch on and off you go!

The MarkinBOX Station is also perfectly suited for integration into production lines. The compact marking head is easy to install in a space-saving way and the intelligent interfaces ensure simple integration into existing systems.

The right device for every application

Model comparison

MarkinBOX Station Modellvergleich
FeatureMarkinBOX Station MB1010MarkinBOX Station MB2015MarkinBOX Mobil MB3315SMarkinBOX Mobil MB8020S
Labelling field100 x 100 mm200 x 150 mm33 x 15 mm80 x 20 mm
Head size200 x 217,5 x 228 m308 x 269 x 249 mm116 x 73 x 190 mm173 x 83 x 214 mm
Weight4.5 kg Marking head
7 kg incl. column
6.3 kg Marking head
10.7 kg incl. column
1.5 kg Marking head2.1 kg Marking head
MaterialsMetals, plastics, wood products, leather
OperationWindows Software
UsePrimarily stationary, optionally mobileMobile or stationary 
MarkinBOX Mobil

Fast support
within 24 hours

Over 30 years of marking experience

Free technical advice at any time

Personal contact person in the company

MarkinBOX Einsatzgebiete
The stationary all-rounder

MarkinBox Station | Application areas

The dot peen markers of the MarkinBOX Station series can mark almost any material. Whether soft or hard, lacquered or coated, the dot peen marker marks all materials, even without changing the needle.

Both fine and deeper markings can be produced. This makes the MarkinBOX Station suitable for a wide range of applications.

MarkinBOX tation | Your all-rounder ✓


The MarkinBOX Station 1010 and Station 2015 are not only suitable for almost any material but also for almost any geometry.
Small and large as well as flat or round components can be captively marked. Since there is no spacer in the way, interfering contours are simply bypassed. Marking in recesses is also possible without any problems!

One system, numerous possibilities ✓ MarkinBOX Station

Nadelpräger Einsatzgebiete
MarkinBOX Bedienung
User-friendly - fast & intuitive

MarkinBox Station | Operation

The MarkinBOX Station, like all the dot peen markers in the series, is operated by the simple Windows marking software.
The application is designed with self-explanatory icons so that employees need no prior knowledge, hardly any training time and also no training.
With the integrated preview window, creating a text, logo or 2D code becomes ultra easy. For recurring markings, the marking job can of course be saved so that the set-up is only done once.

The software and all functions are of course free of charge for you to use!

Extensions & Options

MarkinBox Station | Accessories

With the accessories for the MarkinBOX Station, some marking tasks can be carried out even more easily.
With the unique manual rotary axis, for example, cylindrical components can be marked on the circumference quickly, easily and, above all, cost-effectively. But of course, motor-controlled axes are also available, so that the dot peen marker can quickly be expanded into a semi-automatic machine.
If necessary, the MarkinBOX Station 1010 or MarkinBOX Station 2015 can even be used mobile with a stand!

Frequently asked questions


We would be happy to present the MarkinBox at your premises or create free sample lettering on your components.

Due to the compact design, the dot peen markers of the MarkinBox series are very flexible in use and score with the high marking quality.

The free Windows software is available for programming.

The delivery time is usually 3-10 working days.

Other marking systems

You are not sure whether a corresponding marking is suitable for your component?
Then use our free sample labelling service. We will create the desired marking directly on your components!

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Markinbox mobile
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