Patmark robot

Robot guided dot peen marker ✓
Fully automated for metals, plastics & wood products


Patmark robot
Fully automated marking

Patmark robot

Patmark robot the ultimate automated marker ✓

Inscription 4.0

Patmark robot | Quality

Patmark robot is one of the first fully automated dot peen marker that can be adapted directly to a robot or cobot (collaborative robot). Due to our high quality standards, the use of first-class materials and standardised production processes, the Patmark robot is suitable for many years of use. The cladding with high-quality aluminium strengthens our Patmark robot for any production environment!

With its innovative design and technology, Patmark robot is fully in line with our motto – Inscription 4.0!

Patmark robot | the Allrounder

Patmark alphanumerische Zeichen

Alphanumeric characters

Patmark 2D Code

DataMatrix & QR Code

Patmark TÜV Stempel

Stamps or company logos

Patmark fein bis tief

Flexible marking depth

Patmark flach und rund

Flat & cylindrical components

Ultra Light & Flexible

Design | Patmark robot

Our Patmark robot is unique due to its low weight and compact design. Due to these features, the embosser can not only be adapted to industrial robots, but also meets the requirements of an adaptation to a cobot (collaborative robot). This enables use in any environment without a protective enclosure!
Our Patmark robot can be easily and quickly adapted to any robot / cobot. 

Patmark robot | Unmanned Marking at last ✓

Patmark-robot Bauform
Patmark-robot markieren in jeder Richtung
Full flexibility at 360°

Patmark robot | Fully Automated

The dot peen marker head is a fully automated marking solution when adapted to a robot or cobot. The possibility of a 360 degree rotation of the Patmark robot allows you to mark in any direction. With the compact marking area of 15 x 15 mm, it is also possible to realise larger markings without any problems. The innovative marking software automatically recognises the text length and creates the corresponding marking programme.

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Patmark robot | It doesn’t get any easier!

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Nadelpräger Einsatzgebiete
From paper to hardened steel

Patmark robot | Application areas

The use of high-quality materials, such as the solid carbide needle or the robust solenoid valve, make it possible to mark almost any material! Whether fine markings in aluminium or plastic as well as deep markings in steel or hardened steel are no problem for our Patmark robot. They are optimally equipped for the most diverse marking tasks.

The unique marking quality in dot or line letters speaks for itself!


The compact contact surface of the Patmark robot makes it possible to mark a wide variety of geometries. Not only large and immovable components, but also the smallest workpieces can be captively marked. Due to the 360 degree rotation of the Patmark robot, even inaccessible places can be reached where conventional dot peen markers reach their limits. 

Patmark robot the ultimate marking professional in your production ✓

Nadelpräger Einsatzgebiete
Fully automated

Patmark robot | Operation

Programming the fully automated Patmark robot is very simple. The marking jobs are programmed once via the free Windows software and stored directly on the powerbox of the Patmark robot. They are then called up via the robot/cobot programming (RS232).

Our Patmark robot is a real all-rounder!
Simple texts, automatic serial numbers, 2D codes and much more are no problem for the innovative marker.

Patmark-robot Bedienung
Frequently asked questions


The unique design of our Patmark robot and the easy adaptation to a robot/cobot make it unique on the market.

Free Windows software is available for programming. The marking data is stored directly on the Patmark robot and retrieved using the robot programming.

The Patmark robot is controlled via the robot controller. The power box of the Patmark robot receives the start signal directly from the robot via RS232.

Cylindrical components can be marked radially and axially. 

Other marking systems

You are not sure whether a corresponding marking is suitable for your component?
Then use our free sample labelling service. We will create the desired marking directly on your components!

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