Powerline Eco

Pneumatic table dot peen marker for marking measuring equipment, components, prototypes and much more. ✓ Labelling field 95 x 20 mm

Powerline ECO
Marking on 95 x 20 mm

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Powerline ECO

Powerline ECO | Set up, plug in, mark ✓

Powerline ECO
Fits on any desk

Powerline ECO | Design

The table dot peen marker is very compact and light. It therefore fits on any desk and allows you to work in almost any place. The ECO dot peen marker is particularly suitable for marking prototypes or measuring equipment. Programming takes only a few minutes and the component can be clamped using a simple vice.

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Materials & Geometries

Application areas | Powerline Eco

The dot peen markers of the Powerline series, including the ECO table dot peen marker, are equipped with the highest quality components. The unique marking quality and marking repeatability speak for themselves! You can mark a wide variety of materials from soft to hard, lacquered or coated, metals or wooden products captive.

All materials without needle exchange!

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With the ECO table dot peen marker you can mark almost any geometry. Small as well as large components up to a maximum height of 170 mm are possible without any problems.
Both flat and cylindrical components can be marked radially. The marking needle can also compensate for depressions or unevenness of up to 14 mm without any problems. Especially in the marking of measuring equipment, where the geometries could not be more different, our Powerline ECO is the ideal dot peen marker of your choice.

Easy & fast

Operation | Powerline ECO

The Powerline ECO dot peen marker is programmed using the integrated membrane keypad. Operation is extremely simple, so your employees do not need any training or familiarisation time.
By simply clicking through the functions, your marking job is created in a few seconds! The marking is always applied centrally, left-justified, eliminating the need for time-consuming X/Y programming.

Powerline ECO Bedienung
Frequently asked questions


We would be happy to present the Powerline series at your premises or create free sample lettering on your components.

The robust construction and the use of high-quality materials clearly set the Powerline series apart from other dot peen markers. This is reflected in the durability and the unique marking quality.

The integrated control in the form of the membrane keypad is available for programming.

The delivery time is approx. 1-2 working weeks.

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