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Lase marking systems

Saurer MarkingSolutions offers a wide range of high-quality laser marking systems for marking a wide variety of materials and geometries. The size and inner workings can be individually adapted to your needs. Free technical advice is a matter of course for us.

Process | Laser marking system

Ytterbium fibre laser
A laser marking system with a Ytterbium fibre laser is particularly suitable for marking metals & plastics. Fibre lasers have a particularly long service life of 100,000 hours.

With the use of a CO2 laser source, organic materials can be marked. These include glass, wood and plastics. Metals can only be marked brightly with a CO2 laser, not darkly.

UV Laser
A UV laser marking system is mainly used in the plastics sector. With a UV laser, almost all plastics can be marked, even if no additives have been added to the plastics.

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Advantages | Laser marking system

For almost every component

Application areas | Laser marking system

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Saurer laser marking systems can be used to mark metals as well as plastics or organic materials such as wood and glass. Since the laser marking systems are built to customer specifications, the required laser source can be used for the respective material.



The individual laser marking system construction enables us to respond to your requirements in a very special way. For small components, a simple table system is usually sufficient. For larger components, large-scale systems can also be supplied with the corresponding structural adaptations. 

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Frequently asked questions


We would be happy to present our laser marking systems to you in our demonstration facility and create free sample markings for you.

The laser marking systems of the Precision MS series are manufactured in Germany and are therefore subject to the highest quality requirements. Due to the individual production of the laser systems, you receive the right marking laser for your application and not a standard device from the production line.

The construction as well as the inner workings are individually adapted to your needs. Both the design and the laser source and options are flexible.

The delivery time is usually 8-12 weeks.

Other marking systems

You are not sure whether a corresponding marking is suitable for your component?
Then use our free sample labelling service. We will create the desired marking directly on your components!

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