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Electrolytic marking devices of various performance levels and matching accessories made in Germany!

Elektrolytisches Signiergerät
Marking devices
Elektrolytische Signiertechnik Zubehör
Marking technology accessories

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Marking | Overview

Saurer MarkingSolutions has been involved in electrolytic marking for over 30 years and manufactures the marking devices exclusively in Germany. The high production standards and years of experience make it possible to offer high-quality systems for a wide range of applications: 

Electrolytic marking |
The process

The process of electrolytic marking is similar to the screen printing process. Instead of paint, a harmless salt solution (electrolyte) and electricity are used. The controlled low current is passed through a stencil onto the workpiece, thus creating a lettering on the component. Electrolytic marking can only be used on electrically conductive materials. 

Placing the stencil on your workpiece, adding the electrolyte and the current lead to a controlled oxidation. Electrolytic marking can appear light or dark depending on the power level of the marking device. 

Electrolytic marking – result:
The electrolytically produced marking is permanent and captive. The marking is abrasion-resistant, seawater-resistant and does not cause any deformation of the workpiece. Electrolytic marking can also be used on highly sensitive components such as those used in medical technology or in the aerospace industry. Due to the low surface damage of the process, electrolytic marking is also used in the food industry. The process is often used in the production of knives, because after marking, the cutlery can be put in the dishwasher without corroding!

Elektrolytische Beschriftung Einsatzgebiete

Electrolytic marking | Advantages

Elektrolytische Beschriftung Einsatzgebiete
For all electrically conducting materials

marking | Application areas

Electrolytic marking is considered one of the most flexible permanent marking processes. Both flat and cylindrical surfaces can be marked. Customised stamp production enables individual adaptation to your geometries. Whether concave, convex or XXL stamps – you get the right equipment for your application! 
Due to the large selection of electrolytes, you get the best possible result even on changing materials. 

Frequently asked questions


We would be happy to present our electrolytic marking equipment to you in person or create free sample markings for you.

The electrolytes we use are in no way toxic. They are a specially developed salt solution.

For electrolytic marking you need the marking device, a carbon stamp, felt, electrolyte, Neutralyt and a short & or long term stencil. You receive the required accessories directly with our original equipment!

The delivery time is usually 5-7 working days.

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Then use our free sample labelling service. We will create the desired marking directly on your components!

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