Handheld dot peen marker

Handheld dot peen marker ✓
Mobile marking of metals, plastics & wood 

Patmark mini
The ultimate handheld device for permanent marking

Handheld dot peen marker Patmark

The mobile dot peen markers of the Patmark series are unique in their design and operation. The handheld dot peen marker scores points for its extremely simple and fast programming via the smartphone app or Windows software, its processing and marking quality and its unbeatable price.

The handheld device is an excellent alternative to conventional impact numbers. Not only do you work faster and with less stress, you also significantly reduce the risk of injury! 

Why complicated when it can be simple?
Our mobile dot peen markers are the simplest solution!

Handheld dot peen markers in use:

Patmark alphanumerische Zeichen

Alphanumeric characters

Patmark 2D Code

DataMatrix & QR Code

Patmark TÜV Stempel

Stamps or company logos

Patmark fein bis tief

Flexible marking depth

Patmark flach und rund

Flat & cylindrical components

Ultra light & ultra compact

Handheld dot peen marker
100% flexibility

The handheld dot peen markers have a practical design and a uniquely compact contact surface. This makes the patmarkers extremely handy as well as light and ensures fatigue-free marking at almost any location! The included lithium-ion battery makes your work even more flexible, whether on the shop floor or in the yard.

With the unique hand tools, you can mark almost any geometry, in a high-quality, durable and, above all, fast way!

Patmark a MUST-HAVE in every business!

Patmark mini

Patmark model overview

For all those who want to mark uncomplicatedly, quickly and mobilely ✓

Patmark mini
Patmark mini
Patmark plus
Patmark plus

You don’t know which device suits you best? No problem, our team will be happy to assist you.
Just give us a call or send us an e-mail. We are sure to find the right device for your special application!

Fast support
within 24 hours

Over 30 years of marking experience

Free technical advice at any time

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Many applications - only one device

Handheld dot peen marker | Application areas

Each handheld dot peen marker is equipped with a high-quality solid carbide needle. This can be used to mark a wide variety of materials.
Whether soft or hard surfaces, fine or deep markings. The Patmark is there for everything! The detailed adjustment of the marking parameters ensures that all materials can be marked without having to change the needle. Even coated or lacquered surfaces can be marked without any problems.

All materials without needle exchange!

Nadepräger Einsatzgebiete
Nadelpräger Einsatzgebiete


The Patmark dot peen markers have a uniquely compact contact surface that allows you to easily reach inaccessible places. Both flat and cylindrical components can be captively marked. With the handheld dot peen markers, you will be able to solve almost any marking task!

The extensive accessories of the respective model facilitate your daily use to a maximum. The height-adjustable column, for example, allows you to mark even the smallest components in a stationary position. Mark your components, devices or similar with the unique marking quality of our handheld dot peen marker!

Patmark an ALL-IN-ONE device ✓

Ultra-light & ultra-simple

Handheld dot peen marker | Operation

The handheld dot peen markers are programmed via a very simple smartphone/tablet app or via Windows software.
The app is so clearly designed that your employees need no training time and no prior knowledge. In just a few minutes you will be creating your first marks and never want to mark any other way!

The handheld devices of the Patmark series are not only suitable for simple marking tasks – the marking of detailed company logos, precise 2D codes or automatic serial numbers are also standard applications.

Patmark mini im Koffer
Frequently asked questions


We would be happy to present the handheld dot peen markers at your premises or send you a test unit free of charge.

Thanks to their compact design, the handheld dot peen markers are very flexible in use and score points with their high marking quality.

The free app for Android or iOS and the free Windows software are available for programming.

Cylindrical components can be marked radially and axially. Axially with the help of V attachments and radially with the help of our Rotary S accessories.

No, the Wifi connection is only between the Patmark dot peen marker and your end device (smartphone, tablet, PC/laptop).

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